A blog on blog writing

A blog about my fear of blogging and the crippling anxiety I face as I convince myself, three sentences in, that nobody cares what I have to say.

Catcalling: is it really that bad?

Ignoring sexist verbal harassment creates a culture whereby other types of violence against women are perceived to be acceptable. Confronting instances of street harassment is the important first step in tackling all types of verbal and physical hate crimes against women.

Conflict related sexual violence towards men: engendering change

The UN is unable to effectively tackle CSRV towards men due to the underlying gendered discourses underpinning its current security agenda, which serves to reinforce the binary of women as victims and men as perpetrators.

Review – The Dao of World Politics by L.H.M Ling

Ling uses Daoist dialectics to move beyond the parochial, state-centric Westphalian conception of a hierarchical and violent world politics in order to portray a world politics based on ethics, fluidity, compassion and care.

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