Links to the interviews with some fantastic IR scholars and practitioners I’ve been lucky enough to speak to on behalf of E-International Relations.

Olivia Rutazibwa

Olivia Rutazibwa discusses the importance of Black History Month, silencing in IR, epistemic violence, decolonial approaches to humanitarianism and ethical retreat.

Robbie Shilliam

Robbie Shilliam talks about decolonising IR, non-Western IR and his new book Race and the Undeserving Poor.

Sophie Harman

Sophie Harman talks about her BAFTA nominated film Pili, film as a research method, issues in global health governance and agency in feminist decolonial research.

Luke de Noronha

Luke discusses his new book Deporting Black Britons, how the UK immigration regime is racist, his fieldwork with deportees in Jamaica on post-deportation life, and his podcast ‘Deportation Discs’.

Amal Abu-Bakare

Amal Abu-Bakare discusses Black History Month, equality and racism in IR and her PhD research on counterterrorism as a racialised discourse.

Ruth Blakeley

Ruth Blakeley discusses her groundbreaking research which exposed the UK’s involvement in the torture and rendition of terror suspects.

Dean Cooper-Cunningham

Dean discusses the benefits of using visual methods in IR, responses to Russian political queerphobia and the visuality of resistance and (in)security.

Chantelle Lewis

Early career researcher, Chantelle Lewis, discusses the importance of Black History Month, the effects of Brexit on people of colour, her PhD and the representation of Black students in academia.

Yolande Bouka

Yolande Bouka discusses the importance of Black History Month, anti-black racism and how to decolonise IR, female agency in warfare and transitional justice in Rwanda.

Matthew Kearns

Matthew Kearns discusses his PhD research on the relationship between military masculinities and recruitment practices in the British Armed Forces and visualizing war.

Anne Sisson Runyan

Anne Sisson Runyan discusses the importance of International Women’s Day, gender and IR, intersectionality, gender balance in academia and decolonial feminism.

Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez

Early career researcher, Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez, talks about the UK’s sovereign debt in light of a no-deal Brexit, the causes of the Euro-debt crisis and debt management in Mexico and Ecuador.

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