This page provides external links to interviews undertaken for E-IR. Interviewees consist of IR’s leading protagonists and subject experts. 

Matthew Kearns

Bryony Vince interviews early career academic Matthew Kearns for E-IR on military masculinities and army recruitment, the armed forces Future Force 2020 programme and visual securitisation.

Robbie Shilliam

Bryony Vince interviews Robbie Shilliam for E-IR where he talks about decolonising IR, non-Western IR and his new book Race and the Undeserving Poor.

Ruth Blakeley

Bryony Vince interviews Ruth Blakely for E-IR on her research exposing the UK’s involvement in the torture and rendition of terror suspects.

Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez

Bryony Vince interviews early career academic, Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez for E-IR on UK sovereign debt in light of a no-deal Brexit, the causes of the Euro-debt crisis and debt management in Mexico and Ecuador.

Anne Sisson Runyan

Bryony Vince interviews Prof. Anne Sisson Runyan for E-IR on the importance of International Women’s Day, gender and IR, intersectionality, gender balance in academia and decolonial feminism.

Sophie Harman

Bryony Vince spoke to Sophie Harman for E-IR about her BAFTA nominated film Pili, film as a research method, issues in global health governance and agency in feminist decolonial research.